No Country is perfect there has always been and will always be crime, greed, poverty and evil however by any measure America is in a state of decline and this has only been accelerated by the Corona Virus and the anti Police / Law enforcement movement known as BLM and a many progressive pro Antifa cities permitting lawlessness, rioting and anarchy that support it.  Areas that were once safe may be no longer and its up to you to adapt to the changing times and stay safe until things get better.  Even if you live in a safe area its important that you are aware of what is occurring in other states and at the Federal level all of which will eventually effect you or someone you know.

You can no longer trust that your government be it Federal, State or Local can keep you and your loved ones safe.  Government resources are strained and a confrontation can occur in seconds long before help can arrive if it will even arrive at all.  YOU must take responsibility for your safety.

The very tools and innovations of the 21st century such as Cell Phones and the Social Media that allows us all to connect and communicate can be used for good or evil.  An online dating app  can find love or bring an innocent girl to meet a predator,  an online gamer can be innocent banter or stalks of your child, an Offer Up or Craigslist deal can be a great find or end in robbery or Murder.   An email from a bank may be a hacker trying to steal your identify or access your account.   It is tragic that we must now consider all worst case scenarios in our every day life.

You must insure your friends and family understand these survival skills if they are to survive in this new reality.

The world is full of mostly good people but it only takes one bad event that can end or change your life forever.  We break Security into 3 Areas:

1. Education:   Taking your head out of Mindless TV Shows, Video Games and Fake News and day to day distractions and being aware what is going on in your country Your State, Your City and Your Neighborhood because what happens in other areas may eventually propagate to your area.  Being cognizant of your surroundings and being prepared should problems arise.  Its better to know a tough truth than living in ignorance of what is going on around you.

Evil is stronger than good.  Destruction of a beautiful life that evolved over 50 years or grand building that took millions of dollars and years to build can be snuffed out in seconds by a bullet or fire or bomb.  Evil acts on impulse without thought of consequence it will sneak up on you when you are distracted and will smile while holding a hidden knife.  Mass shootings, riots, vandalism, fights and murders are on the rise and most main street news tends to avoid showing the real damage for fear they might upset someone.

Evil is only concerned with its own needs for survival and your money, life and things are of no consequence to those that are infected with Evil.  You can not reason with Evil, your only hope is to be proactive to avoid putting yourself in bad situations and being prepared when evil can not be avoided.

2. Alliances:  When the SHTF no man (or woman) is an Island, you need to develop your group of local trusted friends or relatives that can work together .

3. Preparedness:  There is an old saying when it comes to having food or weapons or transportation  Its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  

Social Preparedness
Food Preparedness
Weapon Preparedness
Strategy Preparedness